Virtual Tour

imageWhen you come to TLC Wellness Center you can relax in our front room with a nice cup of tea, browse our merchandise, or sit and read a magazine.  Just remember at TLC Wellness Center, we are all about keeping a stress free environment to help your body restore its health and well being.


Our treatment rooms are designed for your comfort. Extra padding on the tables with soft plush blankets, soothing music, and aromatherapy oils and candles, make these rooms a haven for rest and relaxation.


Our hydrotherapy room is the epitome of health and restoration.  These whirlpool tubs have ten jets to massage and relax the body, while you also receive massage on the head, neck and shoulders from a trained therapist. We use a blend of Aveda essential oils and Dead Sea salts to enhance the therapuetic benefits of this relaxing treatment.imageimage